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Aerofood ACS

Aerowisata Park

Jl. Prof. DR. Soepomo no. 45 Tebet
Jakarta 12810
P: +62 21 8370 5076
F: +62 21 8370 5012

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Board of Directors

The Directors are responsible in leading the management of the Company in order to achieve goals, objectives and target performances in preserving and managing Company assets.

  • Boedi Soeharto

    President & CEO

    Boedi Soeharto has been appointed as the new President of CEO Aerofood ACS.

  • Budi Santoso

    Human Capital Director

    Budi Santoso graduated his bachelor degree from a Technology Institute in Surabaya majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Design) and then continued his magister degree in Prasetiya Mulya Business School Jakarta majoring in Strategic Management.

    Budi joined the company in January 2014 as the Human Capital Director (member of Board of Directors) with key focuses to deliver Excellence in People, Process, and Technology. He started his early career at a State-owned company for a year then moved to a European-based multi national company spending almost 20 years and having taken various roles from Engineering, Process & Product Development, Continuous Improvement & Business Excellence, Production/Manufacturing, and lastly dedicated his career aspiration in the last 10 years within Corporate Human Resources Management. He ever had a chance and trusted as the President & CEO for a certain period, and recently performing his role as Finance and Human Capital Director.

  • Marcello Massie

    Finance & IT Director

    Marcello Massie has been appointed as Business Development Director.