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The Excitement of F4S 2017 Competition

Bandung, Desember 2017 – at the end of year 2017, Aerofood ACS held a Creativity and Innovative Solution event named ‘Forum Satu Saya Sapa Salut (AKSI F4S 2017) where previously this event is used to be named AKSI Forum Satu Saya (FSS). This F4S 2017 was held at the Prama Grand Preanger Hotel in Bandung from Desember 13 – 14, 2017. The even was participated by 16 teams from all Aerofood ACS business units.
On the first day, all teams presented their ideas, programs and innovations in front of five internal juries consisted of Aerofood ACS management to fight for the Biggest 6 position. Several program presented by the participants were about waste management process, land optimization, revenue generating program and many more.
On the final day, the six finalists were tasked to represent their ideas with some improvements. Their creativities were judge by external juries consisted of the Director of Aerowisata, Gatot Satriawan; the President Director of Aerofood ACS, Budi Santoso; Dr. Ir Yati Rohayati M. T from Telkom University, Dr. Ir. Gembong Baskoro from Swiss German University and Syaiful Mustamin from Garuda Indonesia.
Here is the list of the winner with their seeded programs that had convinced the juries that they were the best of the best for the company:
1. POC JOSS from ACS JOGJAKARTA consisted of Aqdam Tsabini, Iqbal Kameswara, Surahman and Harming Setiawan. They received a prize of free trip to South Korea.
2. Laundry Man from ISTS with the members Kasroni, Supardi, Andhi Alam and Hermansyah received a prize of free trip to Thailand
3. Satellite Squad from Aerofood Industrial Catering with the members Ria Lestari, Ferbiantoro, Erwan Dwi Yulianto, Anggoro and Harry receive the prize of free trip to Singapore.
The competition was won by PAC team from Aerofood ACS Jogjakarta that presented their program about recycling catering waste into natural liquid fertilizer that has been through laboratorial test and present the sample to local farmers in Jogjakarta as the form of their gratitude of this achievement.

Congratulation to all the winners and stay creative and innovative!