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Aerofood ACS mendapatkan dua penghargaan sekaligus di Opexcon 2017

Jakarta, November 2017 – Aerofood ACS has just received Silver Awards for Aerofood ACS Surabaya unit and Bronze Award for Aerofood ACS Denpasar unit in Indonesia Operational Excellence Conference and Award (OPEXCON) 2017 that was held in Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta at the 11th of October 2017. Aerofood ACS was chosen from 21 finalist that came from service industry manufacturer, mining and energy sector.
Surabaya unit (SUB) and Denpasar unit (DPS) each presented creativity and innovation to optimize efficiency and to increase company productivity.

SUB unit with the team Zupper Pel was mentored by Imelda Gultom consisted of Frengky, Bethe Ika and Moch. Arifin was the first winner Forum Satu Saya in 2016 created an innovation “Optimizing the use of Cooking Oil Waste for Floor Cleaner”. By using 50% used cooking oil, they processed and convert it into useful floor cleaner liquid that can be utilized for domestic use in Surabaya Unit. Thus, this innovation gives significant benefits for Aerofood ACS in terms of reducing the cost to buy floor cleaner and reducing waste. With this idea, Zupper Pel team won Silver Award.

DPS unit with the team EMONI mentored by Yudi Hartanto consisted of Wisnu Merta, Kadek Suastariani and Gusti Wirtama came with their topic “IT Based Productivity Improvement (Re-engineering & Operational Management System)” was the second winner Forum Satu Saya last 2016. Their innovation was to change repacking cutleries working system and maximize technology to ease working pattern and system to elevate productivity 58% and to make work more effective and efficient. This idea brought DPS unit to win Bronze Award.

Innovations from both teams indeed give significant improvement for Aerofood ACS in becoming more efficient and improving the company performance.

Congratulation for both teams and looking forward to seeing your next brilliant ideas.