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GoLive E-Procurement System

Jakarta, January 30th 2017 – Aerofood ACS has started implementing electronic base procurement system or E-Procurement. GoLive ceremony was held in ISTS Office Komplek Pergudangan Bandara Mas , January 30th 2017 by cutting the traditional nasi tumpeng done by Bapak Bambang Sujatmiko, President & CEO witnessed by Aerofood ACS BoD, Management and employees which also attended by the General Manager of PT Abyor , Mr Hafferson Manurung and Mr Denny Permana, VP IT Strategy of Garuda Indonesia.

This E-Procurement system has been running since January 26, 2017 by clicking on the link

E-procurement is a process of goods and service procurement conducted electronically via web or internet-based, thus this system can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The process of internet-based procurement is conducted by utilizing the information and communication technology facilities that include general auction, pre-qualification, direct election, direct appointment and electronic sourcing using web based module in accordance with the participants’ qualification that requires the progress to be monitored not only by Procurement Implementers but also by all Procurement Participants. This system also accommodates online approval process by authorities.

Implementation of E-Procurement system in Aerofood ACS shows a commitment to increase transparency and accountability in procurement process, improve market access and create fair business competition that will allow all prospects that fulfil the requirements can be business partners, to accelerate procurement process and efficiency. This e-procurement system mainly consists of 3 (three) parts or modules, which are: Vendor Management, Tender Management and Dashboard Management.
The socialization of E-Procurement system implementation was conducted at 18-19 January 2017 in Jakarta. For outside Jakarta has been conducted step by step from February until the first week of April 2017