After succeed with its 1st Creativity & Innovation Solution Forum launched in 2014, then this forum was continue in 2015 with theme “Continuous Improvement is Never Ending Process”.

Naga Bonar team as the winner of 2014 forum had a chance to visit Melbourne as the grand prize, this team also took an opportunity to visit Alpha Catering also in Melbourne to benchmark the best practise of catering operation outside of the country.

Naga Bonar Team also joined the Competition Indonesia Operational Excellence & Awards 2015 held in Jakarta, again this team succeed to show best performance by receiving Gold Achievement Opexcon Award 2015 for Services category.

44 teams from all units business competed in 2015 forum, all teams had been working hard to create any possibility opportunity in term of efficiency and quality improvement effort. 13 teams were went to final round, the Dream Team from Laundry unit had elected to be the winner for the 2015. There 3 Winning team will go to Competition Indonesia Operational Excellence & Awards 2016.