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“Aerofood Way” Training

May 24th, 2017 – Aerofood ACS Human Capital Division conducted 2-day training for its internal employees located in Garuda Maintenance Facility from 23rd – 24th of May 2017.

The training was conducted to make all Aerofood ACS employees have same mindset, attitude and behavior according to corporate culture in order to run the corporate business properly. This training is targeted to be applied in every line of business and will become the guidance in acting and doing responsibilities. This training was attended by 57 Aerofood ACS employees from several divisions.

Beside Jakarta, this training similarly was conducted in every unit of Aerofood ACS and facilitated by trained facilitators. The trainers are Managers and Executive Managers and they had passed Spiritual Management Training & Training for Trainers. They are expected to understand spiritual management that has become the core of Aerofood Way and to comprehend how to deliver spiritual management to all teams thus Aerofood ACS employees are encouraged to show gratitude, work sincere and always give their best to their work. Other than that, they are expected to be responsible leader in implementing values and core competencies.

Aerofood Way is a belief system illustrated as a strong building consists of foundation, pillars, wall and top roof as displayed below.