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Aerofood ACS has been Trusted by PT. HM Sampoerna to Serve Employee Catering


AEROFOOD ACS, JAKARTA – PT. HM Sampoerna is a company that is very concerned about employee health, especially related to food. Therefore, health and food hygiene are the main concerns of PT. HM Sampoerna and its employees in choosing catering service provider.

Aerofood ACS, service catering that has experience in providing catering for customers from various industries, one of them is the Hospital and Factory, selected and trusted by PT. HM Sampoerna to become a provider of catering services for all employees. Previously, Aerofood ACS had served 2 Sampoerna Factories in Rungkut and Sukorejo, Surabaya, East Java. Especially for Head Office which consists of approximately 600 employees, located at PT. Sampoerna OPP (One Pacific Place) carries a new concept: semi-retail services (cafeteria) using tapping card. The card is filled with a balance which can be spent for food or snacks provided at cafeteria.

This collaboration officially starts on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 which is also the first day of service by Aerofood ACS. The opening ceremony of the cafeteria was also held at One Pacific Place Building, SCBD, Jakarta. The event was attended by the Director of Human Resources PT. HM Sampoerna, Mr. Johannes Wardhana. He revealed that PT. Sampoerna is very concerned about the employees health in terms of food, “We have a new concept (canteen), our first main goal is wellness and health for all of us, the second is togetherness among employees”. The opening ceremony was also attended by Mr. Emil Fadilah as the Vice President of the Industry and Mr. Eko Setyabudi as General Manager of Industrial PT. Aerofood Indonesia.

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